Wedding Season Repairs

As the biggest wedding season draws to a close, your wedding wardrobe may be looking a little worse for wear. From shoes and bags to clothes and accessories, we take care of all of your wedding outfit repairs. Whether you have been a bride, a groom, or a guest this wedding season, we have the solution to repair your wedding wardrobe and ensure your pieces can continue to be worn for weddings to come.

Wedding outfit repair

For the Bride…

Keep the excitement of your big day by preserving the wedding outfit that you wore. From cleaning stained dresses to reimagining your wedding shoes to be worn again and again, we have the answer to care for your wedding outfit.

For torn, ripped or stained dresses and veils, our in-house clothing experts have the techniques to clean, repair or tactfully reimagine your dress. Clean your bridal shoes to remove mud stains and bring them back to life. Or, dye your shoes to let them live on with the most magical origin story. Read how Julia Brenard, Vogue’s Fashion Editor, dyed her bridal heels.

For the Groom…

From scuffed dress shoes to stained shirts and suits, we will revive the outfit from your big day.

Our shoeshine service is the perfect way to refresh worn shoes. Or, if your shoes need more attention, our shoe cleaning service will give an in-depth clean and polish. For suit and shirt repairs and tailoring, our clothing experts have the solution to bring your wedding outfit back to life.

For the Guests…

No matter how careful you are, grass stains,drinks spillages, gravel-induced scuffing and dance-induced tears happen! But wear and tear doesn’t have to mean the end for your favourite wedding guest outfit.

Rips and tears to delicate dresses happen when you’re having a good time. Explore our wide range of clothing repair services to repair well loved outfits. Stiletto heels are vulnerable to damage, especially when walking over gravel or grass. To repair, we remove the leather that covers the heel and use new leather to recover the heel, which revives the look of the entire shoe. Refresh the look of your bags with our specialist bag cleaning service, where techniques are tailored to the materials and stains on your item.

Organise your wedding outfit repairs by booking a courier to collect your items from your home or dropping your items in one of our partnered stores.

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