Packaging Guidelines

Wherever you are sending your items from, please ensure they are clearly labelled, securely wrapped and include your name, address and contact details inside before they are collected by one of our trusted couriers.

Ahead of booking a collection, do let us know if you are sending something in that is worth over £10,000 so we can take out appropriate insurance. Please wait for our team to confirm the insurance is in place before sending it in.  Whilst we do have insurance for goods in transit and items are insured whilst in our care in the atelier, The Restory is not responsible for any packages that may be lost or damaged in transit, you will be bound by the terms of our courier partners – DHL & Crawfords. If you do require additional insurance please inform us or take out necessary insurance on any valuable high value items, which you chose to send in, as this will incur additional costs. 

Please ensure you follow the best practice for packaging, which includes:

  1. Line a sturdy box with bubble wrap and ensure that light coloured items (especially light coloured patent or suede) aren’t touching anything of a darker colour. This includes fabrics, paper and other shoes or bags.

  2. Label the bag you put your items in with your contact details. You can also drop a business card or note into the bag if it’s easier. Check your bags for valuables prior to sending.

  3. Take care the box is sufficiently packaged then seal it. If you are sending it within our London collection zone you do not need a shipping label, if you are sending outside of that and DHL will be collecting please ensure the shipping label we sent you has been clearly and securely attached.