The Spring Fix

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Goodbye boots and shearling, hello trainers and woven bags – spring is well and truly on the horizon! Though we are mentally ready, are we sartorially ready? Explore our guide of the upcoming season’s must-have accessories and the ways that we can help you make sure your spring wardrobe is ready to see sun. Consider this your calling that warmer days are coming…

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1. White Trainers

White trainers are an essential for brightening any outfit. Whether yours have been heavily used in winter or in total hibernation, they probably need reviving to get them ready for the new season.

Give your white trainers a refresh with a new pair of crisp white laces and a special clean. If your trainers are old and no longer feel as comfortable as they once did, replacing the insole and chamois lining can revive your wearing experience. Don’t let the sun lull you into a false sense of security – make sure you have weatherproofed all suede and nubuck to face those April showers!

2. Midi Bags

Perfect for carrying all the essentials and your water bottle, Vogue has called it – medium sized handbags are the spring 2021 essential.

Perhaps your bags need a special clean if they’ve been buried at the back of your wardrobe. Or, they may be losing their shape and would benefit from a restructure. Re-edging handles, straps and edges always goes a long way in neatening the look of your bag and renewing it’s strength for the season ahead.

3. Ballet Shoes

The ultimate classic and the shoe we look forward to wearing year after year… it’s time to bring your ballet shoes back out. Well-loved shoes inevitably become well worn – luckily we have infinite techniques and solutions to bring them back to life.

We can replace many components of your ballet shoes, from the cotton binding to the bow and the sole to the heel. Our restoration team can fill scuffs and recolour marks that occur with time and wear. Learn more about restoring and reviving your ballet shoes here.

4. Woven Materials

Let your bag represent your spring vibe: relaxed but elegant. Woven bags are the ultimate way to take yourself to the beach – at least mentally, if not physically.

Does your favourite woven bag have a hole in the bottom? Does it really need new handles? If you’ve had it for a while, you could reimagine the look by adding personalisation or a leather panel with initialling.

5. Belts

Looking forward to showing off your outfits again, now that you’re no longer burdened by thick overcoats? Make sure your belts are looking their best before they have their moment in the sun.

Your belt may benefit from re-edging if it is worn on the edges, or perhaps you need to adjust fastenings or add extra holes. Find out more ways we can repair your belts here.

Punching new holes in a Gucci belt

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