The Restory x Patrick McDowell at London Fashion Week

We are very excited to announce our partnership with fashion designer Patrick McDowell, as we joined forces to execute the redesign and restoration of 25 pairs of shoes for his Marie Antoinette Goes to Liverpool collection unveiled at London Fashion Week.

“Naturally we wanted to create something sustainable and completely glamorous and so we turned to our friends at The Restory to restore and execute the redesign of 25 pairs of shoes hand sourced by me, including some vintage Jimmy Choo’s designed by the man himself”

Patrick McDowell

Patrick and his team sourced all shoes second-hand, before they were cleaned, restored, repaired and redesigned by our expert artisans. This is a defining moment for circular fashion, proving that fashion can be circular and sustainable while being luxury, high quality and couture. The incorporation of restored footwear in Patrick’s presentation demonstrates that fashion can evolve in an exciting and responsible way, embracing innovation to repair and protect vintage designs.

Upcycled Swarovski crystals, vintage Taroni silk ruffles and bows and some exceptional hand painted high heels have been lovingly reimagined in true Versailles fashion just in time for London Fashion Week 2022

Patrick McDowell

Following the themes of Patrick’s collection, we are excited to launch a new service where you can have bows, crystals or ruffles added to your shoes. Get in touch for a taste of Versailles in your own wardrobe, from £500.