The Restory Gift Guide

With festive bells starting to chime and Secret Santa lots being drawn, we have collected some of our favourite finds for 2020’s gifts. From personal and creative, to relaxing and unwinding, to practical and useful, explore our guide to find the perfect gift for your loved ones in our 2020 gift guide.

Personal and Creative

For the most thoughtful gifts, get creative and personal.

1. Monogramming and Personalisation

Monogramming - Gift Guide 2020
Monogramming with The Restory

To make your items truly unique and personal, personalise them with monogramming. Whether it’s your best friend’s favourite suitcase or your partner’s trusty ballet pumps, monogramming is always special.

Book a collection now for the last chance to send your items in and have them returned before Christmas. Have two letters painted onto any item for £120, and £70 for every letter after.

2. Knitting Kits

Wool and The Gang knitting kits

After the year of acquiring new hobbies and learning new skills, help your friends explore their newly found creativity genes with Wool and The Gang’s knitting kits.

3. Kitten Grayson

Kitten Grayson's floral baubles - 2020 gift guide
Kitten Grayson’s floral baubles

Bring colour and life to your friends homes this Christmas. Kitten Grayson offers a range of floral baubles and festive wreaths, or for a bigger floral splash treat your friends to a festive home styling.

Relax and Unwind

After the rollercoaster year we’ve had, everyone could do with some relaxation this Christmas.

1. Gazelli House

Gazelli House Spa - 2020 gift guide
Gazelli House Spa

What better way to treat your loved ones than spa vouchers? For a facial or massage, give the ultimate gift of relaxation this Christmas.

2. The Plattery

Charcuterie platter - 2020 gift guide
The Plattery charcuterie platter

What better treat than breakfast in bed? Gift your loved ones a platter you know they’d love to indulge in.

3. Wardrobe Cleanse

Wardrobe cleanse - 2020 gift guide
At home wardrobe detox

Instead of exchanging gifts with friends, why not get together over a mutual activity instead? Channel your inner Marie Kondo and make an occasion of having a wardrobe detox with your friends. Follow our guides for looking after your items at home, and book a collection for anything that requires professional attention.

Practical and Useful

Treat your loved ones to items you know they’ll use.

1. The Restory Revival Packages

2020 gift guide - The Restory revival package, gift voucher
The Restory revival packages

What could be better than the gift of revival? Everyone has something in their wardrobe that needs a little bit of love. Allow your loved ones to fall in love with their favourites again by gifting one of our revival packages.

These give the recipient special cleaning, conditioning and restoration for bags; and special cleaning, re-heeling, a toe-piece, new laces and restoration for shoes. Just have them get in touch with us over Whatsapp or email where we can help them decide on what item to have repaired and what services we can offer, we’ll arrange a collection for them and work our magic on their item!

Buy a physical shoe or bag revival package to give something to unwrap under the Christmas tree, or buy a digital shoe or bag revival package to send your gift over email. If you’re not sure about what revival package you need, get in touch with our team and we’ll help you out.

2. Reuse-able Cup

2020 Gift guide - reusable cup
Keep Cups

Stay toasty and environmentally friendly on your next park date! After having to adjust our social schedules to see friends outside this year, a reusable cup may be the perfect gift to see you through the rest of this winter.

3. Face Mask

Face mask - 2020 gift guide
Face masks

The increase in pollution statistics from disposable face masks is alarming and a face mask is a gift you can guarantee will be used. Treat the planet and your loved ones at the intersection of health and cuteness in the form of a reuse-able face mask!

Whatever Christmas is set to look like this year, get inspired by the small businesses and unique services in our 2020 gift guide. Book your collection with us now for the last chance to have your items returned before Christmas.