‘London’s best restoration service for shoes and bags. It will also bring beaten-up old favourites back to life’

Naomi Smart, Vogue’s Secret Address Book

‘I gleaned a great deal of pleasure from unpacking the pieces I knew I would love as I’d loved them before. It was like ‘Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind’ for me and my accessories.’

Teo Van Den Broeke, GQ

‘I had destroyed my boots at a wedding and The Restory returned them looking brand new’

Adwoa Aboah, Supermodel

‘My shoes are amazing, it really feels like I have them brand new all over again’

Nick Hurrell, The Groucho Club

‘Knowing that I can wear these accessories almost to the point of no return highlights which pieces I want to invest in, as they can now be considered truly timeless.’

Caroline Issa, Tank Magazine and The Telegraph

‘Whenever I send in my shoes or belts, they come back looking so pristine that its almost as gratifying as buying a new pair’

Kim Hersov, Editor-In-Chief Porter Magazine

‘The Restory has upped the stakes for shoe and handbag repair, combining new technology with skilled artisans. The idea is to bring the repair aesthetic to the luxury market, which needs this type of makeover’ 

Lucy Siegle, The Guardian

‘The quality of your services is fantastic. My purse looked as good as new both inside and out – and I realise the bright colour green is not the easiest to match. Its deliver presentation also looked great. I’ll definitely be coming back with other leather products.’

Melanie, W11

‘Just when you thought that your favourite old tote was battered beyond repair, along comes an Instagram page that will inspire you to resuscitate it.’

Caroline Leaper, The Telegraph

‘For months the shoes have languished in a cupboard, too nice to chuck but unwearable. Every cobbler I’ve taken them to has sucked his teeth and said, ‘no-can-do-luv’. Then I found a brilliant outfit called The Restory, which specialises in repairing vintage clothes and accessories. You book a collection online, they take the items away, and a few days later deliver them back as good as new.’

Sarah Vine, The Spectator

‘New London-based company The Restory mends and refurbs broken shoes and handbags, no matter their age or size. When some designer items cost the price of a small car, its fair to want to use them forever, but the scuffs and bashes they get along the way can make them look a little second-hand. The Restory will collect shoes and bags from any address in London, spruce them up, make them look as new and return them to your door’

Vanity Fair A List

‘My beloved mini Chanel has risen from the dead with the help of The Restory, magicians! You need to get their number in your little black book.’

Katherine Omerod, Influencer

‘They’re alive! My fave shoes of all time totally trashed and unwearable, like new again after every cobbler in London tole me no way.’

Vassi Chamberlain, Features Director, Porter

‘Save The Restory’s number to your phone, they work wonders on bruised and battered accessories and they pick up and deliver, so ZERO stress’

Emmie Cosser, Influencer

‘I cannot recommend the services of The Restory more highly; great concept, very well executed. Slightly hooked, might send my whole wardrobe now.’

Lady Kinvara Balfor, Director, Writer, Producer, Speaker

‘I had my cardholder for 10 years and used it everyday. The leather had ripped and worn away and the company that made it were unable to fix it. The Restory facilitated the collection and return from Monaco and I received my wallet back in perfect condition’

James, Monaco

‘Brand new repair service The Restory is bringing fashion restoration into 2017, with a content-rich site and helpful office hours (7am-7pm) to boot. Combining expert services with convenience, a representative will come and collect your item – they do everything from mending cigarette holes to repairing hardware’

Georgie Coleridge Cole, Sheerluxe

‘After a long hard search it’s great to have found such an impeccable service with outstanding work. I highly recommend your services to anyone who needs repair to a treasured leather item and I hope your business continues to thrive and gets the recognition it deserves’

Andrew, Massachusetts

‘The Restory is an absolutely brilliant new service which allows you to revive, repair, reimagine and restore old shoes and handbags. The best thing about The Restory is that you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home (or office) as they’ll pick up your item from wherever you are, whisk it off for restoration, send you an estimate before you proceed and then deliver it back to you in a new dust-bag before you’ve even made any weekend plans’

Natasha Bird, Elle Magazine

‘I thought there was no hope when I lost the one of a kind gold floral fastening on my Mulberry jacket. I gave it to The Restory in the vain hope that they could magic up a solution knowing full well they couldn’t source an exact replacement. Their deisgners were creative and hand made a leather replica, painting it to match the exact colour of the jacket and stitched it on. It genuinely looks like that was the original design and I’m able to wear my precious jacket again. When you think it can’t be fixed, take it to The Restory and they’ll surprise you. They’re magicians, truly they are…!’

Emma Sinclair, MBE, Co-Founder EnterpriseJungle