Susan Bender Rediscovers Her Wardrobe

Susan Bender - wardrobe repair

“I buy less, investing in luxury items, and repair pieces in my wardrobe frequently.”

Susan Bender

Stylist and creative consultant Susan Bender believes in looking after your wardrobe. She believes our existing wardrobes are so much more than wearable items; conscious wardrobes include pieces that can be reworn, reworked and reimagined in line with your taste and style. We are delighted to partner with Susan to showcase the magic of repairing and rediscovering your wardrobe. Read the feature in British Vogue‘s January 2021 issue, on newsstands and available for digital download Friday 4th December.

Rediscover your wardrobe
Susan’s Chanel wedges stealing the limelight

After wearing her crystal Chanel wedges to a themed party in Marrakesh, a few jewels were missing and they were dusty. With such a fabulous and irreplaceable pair of shoes, it was important to Susan that these had many parties ahead of them. In the safe hands of our atelier, they were given a new lease of life. Firstly, our cleaning experts removed the dust and revived the shine. We then sourced identical gems to fill in areas where the original ones had fallen off. One by one, we affixed each gem to the shoe with a secure heat-activated adhesive.

As well as limited edition and statement pieces, Susan also believes our trusty everyday pieces are worth restoring. Our wardrobe essentials inevitably experience wear over time, and it’s always worth repairing rather than repurchasing.

Chanel’s nude and black ballerinas are a classic that will never go out of style. We cleaned Susan’s pair using tools and solutions specific for each part of the shoe. After that, scuffed areas were filled with specialist leather filler. We hand mixed paint for the perfect colour match and delicately applied it to the shoe. To learn more about Chanel ballerina repair, read our case study.

Susan’s Louis Vuitton rolling suitcase also required professional attention. The zip was coming loose, the corners had tears and the interior needed cleaning. This iconic item is a staple to be used for years to come. Firstly, we cleaned the entire bag. We then removed the old torn zip and stitched a new one in place. Finally, we sourced leather to repair the worn corners. Learn more about Louis Vuitton repairs here.

Whether they are unique, sentimental or just old favourites, we all have items in our wardrobe that need repair. Book your collection or Whatsapp us to find out how we can help you rediscover your wardrobe.

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