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Toe Piece

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The soles of your shoes often wear fastest at the toe. A toe piece targets this area of wear and increases the longevity of your shoes by giving a mini resole at the tip of your shoe.


Consider adding a rubber protective sole to increase the longevity of leather soles.

Dependencies and Risks

More worn? If a larger area of your soles are worn, they may be more suited to a half resole.


Non-leather soles? This service is only available on shoes with leather soles. We fit toe pieces in colours that are a close match to the original.

The Process

Using specialist shoemaking equipment, we sand off the very tip of your sole. We then use adhesive to attach the new sole to your shoe. Carefully, we hand-trim the new sole to the shape of your shoe before sanding it to fit the original sole and adding finishing touches.

2 weeks

“I have to say you have exceeded my expectations and always go above and beyond. My Dior slingback shoes look new. Thank you!”

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