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Restoring Leather Quilted Flap Bags

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Breathe new life into your everyday bag with leather and colour restoration. Using specialist hand mixed and matched leather paint, we restore the exterior leather of your quilted flap bag, including the inside of the flap.


This service covers external leather and colour restoration small and medium (up to 28cm) quilted flap bags from any brand or designer. Additional services are required to restore or replace weak straps, change colour or restore lining, you can send us photos for a preliminary quote.

Dependencies and Risks

Different materials? If your bag is patent or metallic, it will require different services. Send us photos for a preliminary quote.


Faded bag? We hand mix colour for as close as possible match to an unfaded area of the bag, generally on the inner flap or within a crease. Use and UV exposure may mean that this colour differs to that of a newly bought item.


Texture? We must use pigment to restore the colour of your bag, as opposed to the original dye colouring method. Although your bag will retain its luxury feel, the texture may be slightly different to the original.


Dirty bag? For considerably dirty bags, a £95 special clean will be required.


Large bag? Quilted flap bags over 28cm require different services. Send us photos for a preliminary quote.

The Process

We prepare for restoration by wiping down leather and removing dust and superficial dirt. We identify a part of your bag where the colour is as close to the original as possible and hand mix and match specialist leather paint according to this. Work begins by filling and restoring scuffs, tears or scrapes which require texture restoration. Once complete, pigment is applied in thin layers all over the bag, being careful to not paint over stitching. When the pigment has dried, a protective coating is applied to protect the newly applied colour. The finish will be adjusted to match the shine of the original item.

4-6 weeks

“I am amazed by the quality of the work! I am so so so happy to have my beautiful handbag back to its amazing glory – my husband thought I’d sneaked out and bought a new one! Thank you!”

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