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Restoring Leather Loafers

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We restore the exterior body of your loafers using our signature leather and colour restoration techniques.


This service covers the restoration of pigmented leather loafers, slides, slippers, mules or mocassins. For suede, nubuck, patent, or aniline leather shoes, please send us photos for a bespoke quote. 

Dependencies and Risks

Embroidered loafers? If your loafers have embroidered or material detail, the external restoration will cost an additional £70.


Gommino soles? If you’d like to leather in between the dotted soles to be restored, this will be an additional £105.


Dirty? If your shoes are very dirty, an additional £55 cleaning service will be required.


Two tone? If your shoes’ exterior has multiple colours or is made up of multiple materials, please send us photos for a bespoke quote.

The Process

We begin the restoration process by cleaning your loafers. Our cleaning and care artisans will clean the whole shoe internally and externally with a mild detergent specific for the material.

With the clean complete, our restoration artisans will identify a part of the shoe where the colour is as close to the original as possible. We use this area as a reference to hand mix and match pigment that will be used to restore your shoes. We begin by using specialist leather filler to repair scuffs, tears or scrapes. Once complete, the pigment is applied in thin layers evenly across the affected area.

To finish, a protective coating is be applied to prevent colour loss and ensure the adhesion of the pigment to the leather. The finish is adjusted to match the shine of the original item.

6-8 weeks

“Thank you so much for restoring my Gucci loafers. They’re good as new and I can’t believe how fresh they look. I was almost going to buy a new pair!”

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