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Replacing Tote Handles

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Bag with independent handles
Binding with stitched-over handles
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Using tote bags to carry heavy loads can stretch and weaken handles. Replace worn handles to keep your bag going for longer.


This service covers replacing the handles on a tote bag. Sometimes, tote bag handles are stitched over the top of the binding. This requires a more complicated hand-stitching process where the second price will apply.

Dependencies and Risks

Replacement material? We have dedicated sourcing specialists to source replacement materials in as close as possible match to the original. However, we can’t guarantee that this will be an exact match.


Aged leather? The handles on tote bags is often made of an open leather that develops a patina over time. We do our best to use a replacement leather that matches the original extent of patina. However, the colour of the replacement may be slightly different than that of the original.


Matching thread? We source thread in as-close-as-possible texture and colour match of the original, but we cannot guarantee this will be an exact match.

The Process

We begin by removing your old handles. Once these are separate from the bag, we use them as a pattern to create the new handles to ensure the replacement matches the original. We cut the new handles from leather that has been specifically sourced for your bag. With the new handles constructed, we stitch them onto your bag. We hand stitch to finish and recreate the original design.

6-8 weeks
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