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Replacing Tote Binding

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Bag with independent handles
Binding with stitched-over handles
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Bindings are pieces of material that cover and protect a raw edge. You can find these on trainers, ballerinas, and tote bags. Leather bindings on tote bags often dry and crack with time and wear. We replace worn bindings to revive the look and restore the functionality of your tote.


This service covers replacing the binding of a coated canvas tote bag. Sometimes, tote bag handles are stitched over the top of the binding. This requires a more complicated hand-stitching process where the second price will apply.

Dependencies and Risks

Aged leather? The binding on tote bags is often made of an open leather that develops a patina over time. We do our best to use a replacement leather that matches the original extent of patina. However, the colour of the replacement may be slightly different than that of the original.


Matching thread? We source thread in as-close-as-possible texture and colour match of the original, but we cannot guarantee this will be an exact match.

The Process

Our artisans start by removing your bags’ old binding and thread. We make a pattern from the old binding to ensure the replacement matches in shape and size. Using the pattern as a guide, we cut the new binding from the sourced leather. We use an adhesive to secure the new binding onto the bag before finally stitching it in place. If the handles of your tote bag are stitched over the top of the binding, we unpick the stitching in order to remove the binding. Once the binding is replaced, we hand stitch the handles back into place.

6-8 weeks
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