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Reattach or Replace Buttons

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A fallen button shouldn’t let you get in the way of loving your favourite clothes. We securely reattach buttons using a matching thread.


If you still have the original button, please send it in with the garment for us to reattach. If your button is lost, we’ll source as close a match as possible. Sourcing fees may apply.

Dependencies and Risks

Lost buttons? If your buttons are lost, we source replacements at an extra cost. We cannot guarantee this replacement will be an exact match to the original.


Have the original button? If you have the button that has detached from your clothing, please send it in along with the garment. To keep the button safe, please send in an envelope.

The Process

We stitch buttons back onto your garment using a matching colour thread and finish with a secure knot.

1-2 weeks
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