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Recovering Heels

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Heels are easily scuffed through wear and tear. Replacing the material that covers the heel goes a long way in reviving the overall look of the whole shoe.


This service covers shoes with heels that are covered in any material, leather or fabric from any brand or designer. For covering materials that aren’t black leather, black suede or black patent leather, an additional £35 sourcing fee will apply.

Dependencies and Risks

Black heels? If your black heels are a unique grain or finish, you may be charged an additional £35 to source material.


Matching material? We try our utmost to ensure newly sourced material is as close a match to the original as possible – we often colour and texture leather by hand – but we cannot guarantee the replacement will be an exact match.


Lightly scuffed? Shoes with only light signs of wear and tear may be better suited to colour and leather restoration. This is a process of using specialist leather filler and pigment to restore signs of wear.


Not covered? If your heels are not covered in material, this service will not apply to them. Send us images to find the right  solution for you.

The Process

For even simple black heels, the recovering process begins by sourcing replacement leather. Sourced leather may need to be thinned using a specialist skiving machine so it is thin enough to recover the heel without creases. We remove the heel from the shoe by peeling the insole back at the heel, melting glue with a heat gun and removing the screw that attaches the heel to the shoe. With the heel separate from the shoe, the old heel tip and covering material are carefully removed. A pattern is cut from the newly sourced leather and a specialised strong glue is used to affix it onto the original heel. Darts are cut at the top of the material where the heel curves to ensure the material sits flat against the heel. We use the original screw to secure the heel back to the shoe, and finish by adding a new heel tip.

2-8 weeks, depending on material and sourcing

“For months I searched for replacement boots or a service which could restore the heel with no success – The Restory’s service is amazing; responsive and lovely customer service with regular updates on your delivery and order. But most importantly you would’ve never known these suede boots had been dog-chewed and seen countless nights out and drinks spilt over the past 6 years! I would highly recommend for luxury or favourite items. I will definitely be using The Restory again! Great value for money.”

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