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Punching Belt Holes

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Adjust your belts to perfectly fit you by punching new holes. Whether you want your belt to fit smaller or larger, we measure the original holes to ensure the newly punched holes are consistent with the style and look of your belt.


Worn belts may benefit from additional services such as re-edging, you can send us photos for a preliminary quote. 

Dependencies and Risks

Non-leather? Belts that are cotton, velvet or faux leather may require extra components before we can punch new holes. Send us photos for a preliminary quote.


Coloured belt? Punching new holes exposes the inner leather, which may be a different colour to the exterior.

The Process

We measure the space between your belt holes to mark where to punch new holes. We then measure the size of the individual holes to know what size to punch the new ones. Using card to protect the exterior leather, we use a specialist tool that sharply punches through leather to create new holes.

2-3 weeks
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