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Protective Soles

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Adding rubber protective soles to your shoes will increase their longevity, provide grip and protect the leather sole. We fit our protective soles in a colour that matches the outer edge of the shoe.

Dependencies and Risks

Texture? We can use protective soles with either a glossy flat finish or a textured finish. Unless specified, we will use the textured sole for all shoes bar Christian Louboutins where the glossy finish is default.


Worn soles? If your leather soles are very worn, they may require a toe piece or half resole before a protective sole can be applied.


Changed your mind? This is a changeable but irreversible process. To revert back to the original, a leather half resole will be required.


Trainers? This service is only available on leather soles, which excludes trainers, moulded soles or logger soles.


Branding? This service may remove any branding on the bottom of your soles.

The Process

Before the protective sole can be applied, a thin layer of the sole is sanded down so that the protective sole sits as flush as possible with the rest of the sole. We choose the colour of the protective sole to match the colour of the outer edge of your shoe. The top edge of the protective sole is cut to the front half to comfortably fit with how your foot sits in the shoe. This also ensures that the protective sole isn’t visible on a high heel when on the floor. The protective soles are affixed using specialist glue. While this glue is strong, it’s also flexible to suit the movements of your foot. To finish, the edge of the sole is cut to the shape of the shoe.

2 weeks

“You did a really great job on my shoes, thank you. I’m really impressed with how neat and secure the sole is and the added grip is so good.”

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