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Patch Worn Corners

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Scuffed or torn corners can compromise the functionality of your bags. We repair scuffed corners while honouring the original design by adding leather patches to the corners of your bag.


An alternative service is to bring the base of your bag up to conceal scuffed corners.

Dependencies and Risks

Different construction? This service applies to tote bags that have a body panel and a separate base panel, like Louis Vuitton’s Neverfull or Goyard’s Saint Louis bag. If your tote bag has a different construction, it will be quoted and priced separately.


Replacement material? We have dedicated sourcing specialists to source materials in as close as possible match to the original. However, we can’t guarantee that this will be an exact match.


Aged leather? Leather detailing on tote bags is often made of an open leather that develops a patina over time. We do our best to use a leather that matches the original extent of patina. However, the colour of the replacement may be slightly different than that of the original.


Matching thread? We source thread in as-close-as-possible texture and colour match of the original, but we cannot guarantee this will be an exact match.

The Process

We begin by unpicking the seam that attaches the body of your bag to the base. As we only target the damaged area, we only unpick the corners. We source leather to match other accents on your bag, like bindings or handles. Then using templates, we cut these corner shapes from the newly sourced leather. We then adhere these to your bag and stitch them in place.

6-8 weeks
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