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Hem Trousers

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From culottes to jeans, everything looks better when it fits. You can pin your trousers to the desired length before you send them to us. Learn more about measuring your clothes for adjustments.

Dependencies and Risks

Wrong height? Shortening the hem is an irreversible service, as it involves cutting material.


Style of finish? We can’t always guarantee we are able to replicate the original hem style.


Measuring height? To indicate the length you’d like us to reduce your trousers to, you can pin them in place or tell us how many centimetres you’d like taken off.



The Process

We shorten the hem of your trousers according to where you place the fold and pin. We ask you to only pin one leg, and use this measurement for both legs to ensure they are even. Once pinned in place, we sew using a colour of thread that matches that used on the original hem. With the seam complete, we iron the hem to ensure it sits neatly.

2-4 weeks
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