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Half Resole

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Resoling is a routine service that extends the life of your shoes. It should be done when the centre of your sole is very soft or the toes and sides of your sole have worn very thin.


Consider adding a rubber protective sole to increase the longevity of leather soles.

Dependencies and Risks

Less worn? If only the tips of your soles are worn, they may be best suited to a toe piece.


Non-leather soles? We fit half resoles in colours, textures and materials that are a close match to the original.


Branded soles? Replacement soles are unbranded. You may loose original branding that is on your soles.

The Process

Using specialist shoemaking equipment, we remove the front half of your sole. We then use adhesive to attach the new sole to your shoe. Carefully, we hand-trim the new sole to the shape of your shoe before sanding it to fit the original sole and adding finishing touches.

2 weeks

“Really enjoyed my experience, I thought my boots were beyond repair, but you did a great job on them and my old favourites now have a second wind. Thank you!”

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