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It’s best to repair holes as soon as they occur – when holes are left unrepaired, the weave unravels from the raw edge and the hole gets larger over time.


Please mark the holes in your garment with a safety pin before you send them to us. You can explore our other hole repair techniques like visible mending and invisible mending.

Dependencies and Risks

Finish? This mend will be subtle, but we can’t guarantee it will be fully invisible. The thread and stitches will be visible from the back or inside.


Large holes? If the hole in your garment is bigger than 0.5cm in diameter, it may be more suited to our other hole repair services. For example, visible mending or invisible mending.



The Process

We begin by selecting thread to match the colour of your garment. With a fine needle, we stitch across the area of the hole to bring the raw edges together. This closes the hole and prevents further damage.

From 2 weeks

“I have been thrilled by the meticulous work The Restory experts have executed on my moth attacked cashmere! Beautiful work and top-notch customer service. I could not recommend them more highly.”

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