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Complex Trainer Clean

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Perfect for your chunky trainers that have multiple coloured panels, different materials or lots of detail, our complex trainer clean takes specific care in cleaning each detail individually.


This service covers trainers that are heavily detailed or have multiple textures in the upper. For shoes, boots, sandals or tennis shoes, our shoe clean service would be required. 

Dependencies and Risks

Tough stains? We are always evolving new techniques, but we can’t guarantee that we will be able to remove all stains from your shoes.


Suede areas? For suede areas or panels, the texture may change and colour may slightly run when cleaning.


Worn leather? Sometimes leather looks like it is dirty, but it is actually damaged. In these circumstances, we recommend leather restoration.

The Process

To begin, all superficial dirt like mud or dust is brushed or steamed off, any laces are removed and cleaned, and soles are cleaned with wet methods.

Before beginning cleaning the upper, we find a small area to test cleaning methods to ensure the technique used won’t damage the item. We assess the materials that the trainers are made of, and decide which can cleaned by wet methods and which will require dry methods. For multicoloured shoes, each coloured area is cleaned and dried independently to prevent colour bleeding.

Once the item has been cleaned and dried, we re-thread the shoe laces according to the original style.

6-8 weeks
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