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Clean Bags

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From your evening clutch to your daily tote, regular cleaning is the best way to maintain the condition of your bags. We use different techniques and solutions according to every material and surface of your bag.


This service covers cleaning bags. If you are looking for small leather good or luggage cleaning, please view our bag services.

Dependencies and Risks

Tough stains? We are always evolving new techniques, but we can’t guarantee that we will be able to remove all stains from your bags.


Satin bags? On some delicate materials, we may prioritise preserving the fabric over removing all stains. For example, excess friction or strong solutions can cause satin to weaken and fray.


Suede bags? The texture of suede bags may change and colour may run when cleaning.


Worn leather? Sometimes leather looks like it is dirty, but it is actually damaged. In these circumstances, we recommend leather restoration. Learn more about our restoration services or send us an image for a preliminary quote.

The Process

To begin, all superficial dirt like mud or dust is brushed or steamed off. Dirt and dust from interiors and pockets are removed with a specialist vacuum tool.

We find a small and subtle area to test cleaning methods to ensure the technique used won’t damage the item. We assess the materials that your bag is made of, and decide which can cleaned by wet methods and which will require dry methods. For bags with different colours and materials, each area is cleaned and dried independently to prevent colour bleeding.

2-3 weeks
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