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Bespoke Dyeing Satin Shoes

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Our bespoke dyeing service allows you to choose the exact colour to dye your satin shoes. Provide us with a colour reference and we will create sample swatches and work with you to dye your shoes the perfect colour. We dye all exterior satin, carefully applying around beaded or detailed areas.


This service covers satin shoes of any colour from any brand or designer. To dye your shoes a colour from our set palette, see our dyeing satin shoes service.  

Dependencies and Risks

What colour? We can dye your shoes darker than the colour they originally are. However, the colour and condition of your shoes will dictate the colour they can be dyed – originally white in excellent condition will give you free rein, but pink with heavy staining will limit your palette.


Concealing stains? Dye is transparent, so to conceal stains we have to dye your shoes the colour of the darkest stain – in most cases, this will be black. 


Dirty shoes? If your shoes are dirty, you will be charged a £55 special clean fee to clean them before they can be dyed.


Frayed areas? Satin frays when friction and pressure is applied. Frayed fibres areas absorb dye at a different rate, causing a difference in colour saturation.

The Process

We prepare for dyeing by using acid-free tape to mask areas we don’t want dye to go, like the sole and insole. It’s important to remove the surface dirt before beginning dyeing, even on brand new shoes. We use specialist solutions to clean your shoes, specially engineered to help them to absorb dye. We hand mix dye to match your colour reference and create test swatches for your approval. Want it brighter? Darker? More blue? We take your feedback to the dye station and work with you until we reach the perfect colour. We apply the dye in light layers to gradually build up colour. To finish, we apply a protective solution that fixes the dye to the shoe.

6-8 weeks
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