Shoe Repair London, Handbag Repairs London - The Restory, London


Using our service at Selfridges trafford manchester is simple



Stylists in the ground floor Accessories Hall in-store can assist you and securely receive your item(s.) Your details will be sent directly to The Restory and your item(s) will be delivered to our atelier.



We will do a comprehensive assessment of you item(s) taking into account what you may have told us and/or what services our experts recommend to bring your item(s) back to life.

You will receive a detailed quote for you to edit, approve, or decline. You will need to approve the quote and make a payment for work to commence.


We Return

Once the work has been completed, we will return your items at a time and to a place convenient to you. Delivery is complimentary for returns to Selfridges Trafford Manchester. There are additional costs for international returns.


Visit Selfridges trafford manchester to drop your items in store