Caring For Your Second Hand Items

Created in 2019 by Oxfam, #SecondHandSeptember is an annual campaign encouraging fashion lovers nationwide to pledge to only buy second-hand throughout the month. Buying second-hand prolongs the life of items by keeping them in circulation and out of landfill for longer. But sometimes, second-hand items need a little love to make them right for you. From cleaning to alterations, explore some services that are perfect for reviving your second-hand purchases. Get a quote, book your collection or drop your items in store.

1. New insoles

From the sole to heel tip and insole to heel lining, shoes are made out of so many individual components. This means that they are incredibly hard to recycle as they would have to be fully deconstructed, but it also means that each component can be individually replaced. In replacing worn components, you effectively restart the clock on your shoes’ lifespan. With an ever growing life, it’s important to keep shoes in circulation. For those worried about hygiene or wear, replacing the insole is a great option to making second-hand shoes feel like new.

New insoles cost from £25 to £55. We make the replacement insole using a like-for-like material and colour, and can even transfer sewn labels.

2. Alterations

Sometimes, second hand items need tweaking to make them right for you. If you have found the perfect pair of jeans that are a little too long or the waist of a skirt needs expanding, our clothing specialists carefully measure and sew using a matching colour thread.

Altering clothing starts from £25. Learn how to pin or measure your items prior to sending them in here.

3. Cleaning

For hygiene and odour control, as well as reviving appearance, professional cleaning is a great way to revive second-hand purchases. From shoes to coats and bags to knits, we have the solution for every item, material and texture.

Our handbag clean is £95, shoe clean is £55, and complex trainer clean is £110.

4. Moth hole repair

As a long-lasting and durable material, buying wool second-hand doesn’t mean compromising on quality or longevity. However, pre-loved wool can shows signs of its previous life like bobbling and moth holes. From creating woven patches over holes and wear to darning and invisible mending, we have many options for repairing moths holes and wool damage.

We darn holes for £20 per hole; visible mend from £25 per hole; and invisible mend from £60 per hole.

5. Leather restoration

When carefully looked after, leather is an incredibly durable material. Faux leather may seem like the ethical option but is less durable and much harder to repair than the real thing. Scuffs, wear and discolouration can be solved with our signature colour and leather restoration. We use specialist filler to rebuild shape or texture and hand mix pigment to match the colour of the original and seamlessly.

Restore white leather trainers for £195; leather ballerinas from £230; and quilted flap bags from £315. For a bespoke quote, send us images of your items.

From wear and tear to size adjustments, we make sure you get the most out of your wardrobe. Get a preliminary quote or book a collection to fall in love with your favourites all over again.

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