Reviving a Chanel denim and wicker basket

Reviving a Chanel denim and wicker basket

Basket bags first appeared in the 70s with Jane Birken in particular floating around Paris with one oozing that quintessential charming, effortless Parisian style. They are undoubtedly the bag of the summer, and this time as so much more than just a beach bag. Square, circular, baguette – we’ll take any shape for a European city break.

The atelier team received a beautiful Chanel denim and woven wicker basket bag. The wicker was in perfect condition but the denim was quite faded in colour. This is the perfect accessory for the summer, so we worked quickly to have it ready in time for the approaching warm weather. 

Before restoration

Before restoration the bag was cleaned, as standard before any restoration in our atelier, using specialist cleaning methods to remove any surface dirt. This ensures that there is nothing refraining the dye from fully absorbing into the material, ensuring we get the best possible results.

To retain the vintage aesthetic of the bag we only slightly revived the colour of the denim. This was achieved by our in house team of artisans who hand mixed the dye to match the original colour of the denim. A few colour tests were mixed before settling on the final colour. A weaker mixture of the dye was then created which was then painted onto the denim as a wash. 

Re-touching the strap

The denim strap woven into the chain was also slightly faded and needed refreshing. Depending on how worn the strap is, we usually remove it to paint and then re-thread. In this particular case, we were able to re-dye without un-threading as the strap only needed a re-touch.  

Two coats of dye were applied on the lid of the bag to achieve the finish we desired. Once dry, the denim was steamed to fix the dye into the material and we managed to produce a vibrant blue without losing the natural imperfections of the denim.  

Restored and revived

We always advise sending in your items before the damage gets too severe so you can keep using your bags or shoes for as long as possible before it’s too late; small and regular TLC will do wonders for upkeep of your items. Be sure to store your leather items well in the heat as hot, damp areas can distort the leather. Get in touch with our team to get your preliminary quote.