Revive Your Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is the ever timeless fashion house that has been at the top of fashionista’s wish-lists since 1854. To cater to the cosmopolitan clientele of Paris, Louis Vuitton began in the 19th century as the master of trunks, boxes and luggage. With rapidly increasing success and demand, he opened an atelier in 1859 in Asnières, a town on the outskirts of Paris. Louis Vuitton products are still made in this atelier today.

From Neverfull to Speedy and Noé to Alma, many of the iconic styles use the same materials in their composition. The Louis Vuitton signature monogram coated canvas often makes up the body of the bag. The coated canvas material consists of 100% cotton canvas coated with PVC plastic, making it lightweight and durable – perfect for your everyday handbag. Vachetta leather is often used on Louis Vuitton handles, bindings, trims and bases. Vachetta leather is a soft, untreated, Italian leather. It is initially light in colour but darkens as it ages and, due to the untreated finish and supple texture, stains easily.

From special cleaning to replacing handles, learn some of the ways we can help you revive your Louis Vuitton bag.

1. New Handles

Although Vachetta leather is durable, like any material that experiences heavy wear, it will weaken over time. We can replace your handles if they are weak or the stitching has started to come undone.

The process starts by removing the old handles. We note the size and thickness of the old handles to create a pattern for the new ones. With Vachetta leather sourced from Italy, we cut the new handles. We use a hot iron on the edge of the leather to recreate the signature look of Louis Vuitton. The edges of the leather are finished with the iconic red paint. Finally, yellow thread is specially sourced for the new handles to be stitched onto the bag.

2. New Binding

Many Louis Vuitton bags have leather bindings around the top to seal and protect and otherwise raw edge. Over time, these can become dry and weak. Replacing the binding can transform your bag and make it look brand new.

As with replacing handles, we begin by unpicking the old binding and using this as a pattern to create the new one. New bindings are cut from newly sourced Vachetta leather. Running a hot iron along the side of the binding and applying red paint to the edge recreates the iconic Louis Vuitton look. The new binding is stitched onto the bag with signature yellow thread. Learn more about the process and view prices to replace bindings here.

3. Special Clean

A special clean can have the biggest effect on reviving the appearance of your favourite Louis Vuitton handbag. Our atelier have a range of specially developed formulas and professional tools to care for the coated canvas body, cotton interior and Vachetta details.

We use a special soap to clean, nourish and even the colour of the Vachetta leather. We use specially developed formulas to clean the cotton interior and coated exterior. For the finishing touch, we polish all hardware.

4. Personalisation

There’s no better way to enjoy your favourite Louis Vuitton bag than by putting your stamp on it with personalisation.

We work with you to decide the colour, size and style of the personalisation or monogramming. Let us know what you have in mind – we’re always open to a challenge!

To see one of our Louis Vuitton revivals in person, head to our new display in Harrods Egyptian Hall where you can see the before and after. While you’re there, why not drop an item for your own revival?

To learn more about Louis Vuitton repairs, follow the process from start to finish with our case studies. See our team recreate the strap on a Louis Vuitton crossbody here. Or, be amazed at the before and after of a Noé here. If you want to revive your Louis Vuitton but you’re not sure what services need to be done, don’t hesitate to get in touch using our preliminary quote form.