Shoe Revival Package

Following an assessment by our team of experts we will offer what is appropriate and/or necessary for your bag to provide the best result within the parameters of this Revival Package

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We have unique techniques with dry and wet methods of cleaning that may be able to remove even the toughest of stains and marks. We use products to recondition leather to maintain its natural qualities and help protect it. If the leather requires it we provide a polish with products that give a deep condition to the material.


A re-heel is necessary after some wear, it ensures the shoe is protected and increases longevity.


A toe-piece is something we particularly encourage with pointed shoes but is also good for rounded as it protects the front and top of the shoe.


We will provide new laces to refresh your shoes. These will be sourced as close to the original as possible.


We will provide a maximum of 2 hours worth of leather or colour restoration. This service can cover scuffs, scratches, marks and general colour degradation. The colour is hand-mixed and matched to the most unaffected patch of leather we can find on your shoes. We will dedicate this time to the area we determine will yield the best overall result.