Following an assessment by our team of experts we will offer what is appropriate and/or necessary for your bag to provide the best result within the parameters of this Revival Package.

Will my bag look and feel like new after using the package?
This package entitles you to a bespoke package of services, not a full restoration of your bag. The Restory will assess your items in-house and send you a quote of the services we recommend that you are entitled to within this package. Within the services we will provide a clean for your bag, inside and out.  We will use products to recondition leather to maintain its natural qualities and help protect it. Our team will provide up to 4.5 hours of colour and/or leather restoration and/or edging. Within the restoration we will focus the time on the area we deem to need the work the most for usability and aesthetic, according to our expertise.

What if my bag need more services provided in this package?
If your item is extremely damaged and needs more than 4.5 hours restoration or other repairs which are not included in your package, we will communicate with you and advise you of the additional price for the work. Changing, refashioning or personalising the shoes in any way is not included within this package.

Is this revival package available for any bags?
This revival package does not support exotics, patent, patterned leather or pony-skin. Stitching is not provided within this package, but an additional quote can be provided for this. We are unable to source new hardware, repair or provide hardware re-plating. We have limited capabilities for fabric and can only provide special cleaning. We have limited capabilities for fur based on the way it has been coloured, treated and processed. Vegetable leather will only be special cleaned and then re-edged if the design originally had edging. We are only able to provide special cleaning and re-edging for alternative leathers made from PU. Suede will be special cleaned and colour restoration is dependant on the condition the nap is in, as this affects how even the colour will be absorbed. Suede and nubuck cannot be conditioned or polished.