Restore Our Earth

As professional restorers, we know the power of repair. We know what it means to make the most of something, no matter how damaged it may be. And, we know that there is rarely an occasion when care and attention can’t bring something back to life.

Earth Day is on 22nd April, and the theme this year is Restore Our Earth. The focus is on empowering individuals to contribute to the global effort to restore our earth.

From reusable tote bags to litter clean ups, our team share their favourite sustainable-living tips to show how adjusting our habits can help restore our earth.

“I have a huge love and respect for our Earth. Some of the everyday things that I believe can make a big difference are using reusable shopping bags, buying paper bin bags, not buying bottled water, meat, fish or dairy, and cutting down on processed foods”

Shanon is our Fashion Repair Manager

“My apartment looks over a stream that is home to loads of cute ducks and swans, but there is always so much litter in the stream. I asked some neighbours if they wanted to help me collect the litter from time to time. A few weeks ago, we cleared 8 bags of rubbish – I got to know my neighbours a little better and the ducks have a nicer home!”

Roni is our Restoration Artisan

“The earth is what we made of… we all have the responsibility to keep it breathing as long as possible. Eat less meat, use electricity, gas and water with modesty”

Evrim is our Atelier Operations Manager and Leather Engineer

“There are easy ways make your wardrobe more sustainable: before buying anything brand new, look on places like Depop, ASOS Marketplace or Ebay to see if you can get it or similar secondhand; swap clothes with friends or colleagues;
see if you can mend, darn or repair items before throwing them away; and only buy things that will last and you will want to wear again and again”

Tessa is our Restoration Artisan

“I subscribe to Oddbox and receive produce every two weeks that would have otherwise been thrown away. They source from independent farmers and “rescue” veg that is surplus or has cosmetics defects. I plan my meals around what I receive which means there’s no waste, and it means I eat seasonally”

Catalina is our Restoration Manager

“Gaining the confidence to cycle around London has been a liberating experience for me. It feels amazing knowing that I can get myself to anywhere in the city entirely powered by my own energy. I love knowing that when I choose to cycle rather than get the bus/ train I’m contributing zero carbon emissions. I now cycle to and from work every day and feel so much healthier and energised because of it.”

Daisy is our Restoration Artisan

“As an artist, I always like to use natural materials and pigments. I also like use pre-used surfaces or canvases to give them new life. I prefer to repair and restore things, giving them a new life, instead of buying new”

Maria is our Restoration Artisan

“I never leave the house without my metal water bottle! I love that so many public spaces now have water fountains with bottle re-fill areas to stop the need to buy plastic bottles”

Lucy is our Marketing Assistant

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