Repair your jeans

Dress them up or down, in winter or summer – nothing is as versatile as jeans, and nothing fits you quite like your favourite pair. When you find the ultimate pair that works for every occasion, you can’t bear to let them go. Whatever the damage, our talented artisans have the techniques to bring your most loved items back to life. From invisible to visible, learn some of the ways we can repair jeans.

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1. Visible mending

Make lemonade out of lemons by making a feature of your worn denim. Using different coloured threads, our visible mending technique creates woven patches over holes or tears. This repairs and re-strengthens your jeans, and makes them truly one of a kind!

2. Tear repair

Areas of your jeans that are heavily strained or moved can be quick to weaken. This commonly happens around the zip or at the corner of pockets. We repair worn or weakened areas by mimicking the weave with stitching in a similar colour thread. Depending on the extent of damage, we reinforce the repair with a thin material on the inside to ensure it is strong and long lasting.

3. Patching

Damage that looks beyond repair? It’s no match for us. Our artisans come up with creative solutions to repair damage and keep your jeans in working order. To repair the rip in this pair of jeans, we used a denim patch to create a new design feature along both legs.

From wear and tear to size adjustments, we make sure your favourite jeans stay your favourites. Get a preliminary quote or book a collection to repair jeans and clothes at the click of a button.

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