Repair Your Belts

Have you spent the extra time at home sorting out your possessions and rediscovering your wardrobe? You’ve probably found some well loved pieces that need a little professional attention. If you have found old belts that are well-loved, starting to weaken or don’t fit like they used to, book your collection for our atelier’s expert care. Learn more about some of the options we offer for belt repair.

1. Punching new holes

Found an old belt that no longer fits? Or want a a hip belt to also fit your waist? We can punch multiple extra holes in your belt to make it larger or smaller, to get the right fit for you. Our atelier measures the distance between the existing holes to ensure the new ones are evenly spaced. Using a specialist tool, we make sure that the hole will be the same size as the original holes. Before punching, we place a piece of card between our tool and your belt, making sure the leather is protected in the process.

2. Reinforcing wear and tear

While most leathers are durable and hardwearing, wear and tear is to be expected over time. Our atelier can strengthen rips or vulnerable points by adding an invisible reinforcement. We do this by opening the two panels, inserting a small leather panel, closing the panels back up and sealing with edge coat.

Watch this video to see how our stitching experts repaired and reinforced the tear in this Miu Miu belt.

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3. Re-edging

Edge coat is the thin application of specialist acrylic or wax paint that seals and protects raw edges. Edging can crack or weaken in areas of heavy use, for example where belts straps are regularly pulled through buckles. But, we’re here to help! Re-edging is one of the best ways to restrengthen your leather goods while also vastly neatening their appearance. We sand off the old, cracked edging and re-apply the same colour with tailored tools. This is one of the best value for money belt repair services for adding longevity to your items.

A newly re-edged belt

4. Adjusting fit

For ill fitting belts that you can’t bear to part ways with, we can improve fit with adjustments or fastenings. There’s various ways we can do this, from adding hooks to ensure belts stay in place, or by adding elastic panels to improve comfort. As this will depend on the style and fit of your belt, get in touch to see what our expert team recommends.

An example of bespoke fitting adjustments we can add

5. Replacing embellishments

Our favourite statement belts are the ones most irreplaceable, and the ones we must repair! Don’t let lost embellishments dampen your shine. Our expert sourcing team search high and low to find embellishments that match the original, to restore your items to their former glory.

Watch the video below to see how our sourcing specialist sourced and affixed gems to match the original ones on this spectacular belt.

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Want to go behind the scenes in our atelier and learn the process of our restorations? See our stitching, sourcing, restoration, cleaning and shoe repair experts at work in our case studies. Get a preliminary quote or book a collection to rediscover your wardrobe and find out how we can help with your belt repair.

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