Restoring A Dior Flower Meadow

The Lady Dior bag is an icon of the French luxury fashion house. With its instantly recognisable square shape, structured top handles and the iconic Dior charms, it’s a timeless classic. While it is usually topstitched with the Cannage motif, the brand occasionally releases limited editions in more daring designs, like tie dye, tapestry, embossed leather and beading. For timeless pieces, aftercare is essential. Book a collection for our atelier to help you restore, revive and repair your favourite Dior.

The Assessment

Dior Repair
Beaded Lady Dior

This gorgeous Lady Dior bag is made with white satin and the body is fully embellished with dainty sequins and beads. As expected with wear, some beads had become loose and others had fallen off completely. We would have to source replica sequins and beads to fill in the sparse areas. With the unforgivable nature of white satin, the bag also had light signs of wear on the corner piping and handles for our cleaning team to tackle. Having assessed the bag, our sourcing, embroidery and cleaning experts got to work.

Loose and missing beads - Dior repair
Loose and missing beads

The Approach

The initial challenge with this bag was sourcing sequins and beads that match the original in terms of size and colour. There is a variety of shapes that make up the overall flower meadow effect; long green beads are the ‘stem’, with various shapes, sizes and colours of flower sequins making the ‘petals’, and a small circular bead in the centre. It was key for our team to replicate this variation in flowers when filling in the sparse areas.

Beads to restore Dior
Newly sourced sequins and beads

Using a fine needle with a very small eye, our embroidery specialist began building each flower. First by threading the long green bead, then the flower and finally the small circular bead. Then, the needle goes back through the beads to secure it to the bag. We carefully ensure the needle only anchored the thread to the white satin, to avoid going through the bag’s lining. This process is repeated for each flower.

Before the bag was returned, our expert cleaning team delicately removed dust and dirt from each sequin and bead, and cleaned the satin handle and edges.

The Results

With this Dior repair, the bag is restored and revived with the beaded flower meadow thriving once more.

Dior restore

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