Rediscover Your Wardrobe

With the cleansing vision that comes with a new year and the implications of having a little extra time at home these days, are you finding yourself seeing your possessions in a new light? Rather than hitting the January sales, rediscover your wardrobe and delight in the joy of the items you already own. Let your wardrobe inspire you by having a clear-out, repairing well-loved items and learning about wardrobe care.

Join us in rediscovering your wardrobe in 2021: new year, new me, same wardrobe!

Detox Your Wardrobe

A day spent clearing out your wardrobe is a day well spent. It is thought that we only wear around 30% of our wardrobe. Therefore, it’s useful to follow the general rule that if you haven’t worn it in a year, it deserves a new home. Consider contributing to the circular fashion economy by renting or selling your lesser worn items. For your well-loved that may have seen better days, repair them before you replace them, book a collection today. If you have items that you love but don’t wear enough, get in touch to see how we can help you reimagine your items. Follow our step-by-step wardrobe cleanse for a detailed guide to going through your wardrobe.

Before you put away your newly sorted wardrobe, make sure everything is in the best condition to last the season…

Repair Your Wardrobe

After detoxing your wardrobe, it’s important to ensure everything is fit for wear. Perhaps the heel on your trusty winter boots has worn down, or the zip on your everyday handbag keeps getting stuck, or you have a missing stud that you’ve been meaning to replace. If you feel like rolling you sleeves up, follow our guide on how to restore your trainers at home. Or, send your items in to us! From replacing the stained binding on your favourite ballet flats to punching extra holes in the belt that no longer fits, we’re here to ensure you get the most out of your wardrobe.

Learn more about how we can repair broken heels, revive Louis Vuitton bags, restore puppy chewed loafers and reimagine faded Chanels. Book a collection or get in touch with us to get the most out of your wardrobe.

Now that everything in your wardrobe is repaired and fit for use, learn how to correctly look after them…

Look After Your Wardrobe

With a detoxed and repaired wardrobe, it’s important that everything is well maintained and cared for. It’s good practice to practice regular care and maintenance for your wardrobe. For example, reheeling and resoling are routine services that increase the longevity of your shoes. Follow our guides on caring for trainers and sandals to learn how cleaning and conditioning leather makes items last longer. When it comes to storage, ensure bags are stuffed to maintain shape and kept away from sunlight and dust. Learn more about ways to look after your wardrobe at home.

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