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Puppy damaged items
Puppies with a unique appetite

Has your furry friend ever mistaken your favourite pair of heels for their chew toy? Pet damage is common issue that passes through the doors of our atelier. And, while dogs may be the most common culprit, we have even dealt with the aftermath of hungry mice and foxes! Learn more about some of our solutions for your puppy damaged items.

Our atelier are in their element coming up with creative solutions. From chewed heels to nibbled straps, we always endeavour to find a solution for your cherished items. If your pets have a unique appetite for your favourite accessories, send us a photo or request a preliminary quote and we’ll have your items in working order!

1. Chewed Heels

The heel on this pair of Christian Louboutin shoes was unwearable after being chewed by a puppy. Not only was the exterior pony-skin heel covering and the red sole ruined, but the actual heel was splintered and unsafe to wear. Our expert sourcing team sourced a pony skin material to match the colour, shape and hair-length of the original shoe. We replaced both heels to ensure they matched. With the new heels recovered and refitted, our shoe specialist remade the red heel stem to replace the damaged one.

2. Gnawed Leather

To repair the torn heels on these Gucci loafers, our advanced shoe repair team had to replace the entire back panel. This required us to separate the sole from the upper to remove the torn panel. We created a pattern for the replacement heel, and fit this to the original shoe. We secured the sole back to the upper with nails per the original structure, ensuring a strong and lasting repair.

3. Nibbled Strap

A very bold fox nibbled the toe and ankle strap on these brand new Nicholas Kirkwood sandals. After sourcing gold leather to match the texture of the original shoe, we rebuilt the toe strap for a seamless repair.

There’s no need to despair the next time furry friends go rouge. Book your collection or Whatsapp us for support on your puppy damaged items.

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