Revival Package – Bag (Physical)

£250.00 (worth £410)

Perfect to revive an existing bag or to purchase alongside a new product. Valid for 12 months this package includes a clean, condition and 4.5 hours of edging and/or colour/leather restoration which is competitively priced.

For cleaning we have unique techniques with dry and wet methods of cleaning that may be able to remove even the toughest of stains and marks. We will clean both the interior and exterior of your bag.

To condition we will use products to recondition leather to maintain its natural qualities and help protect it. Conditioning the leather is important to protect it from surface scratches or becoming dry and cracking. We have varied products that we will use dependant on the type of leather and finish your bag has.

Our team will assess your item and will provide a combination of services within this timeframe to produce the best results available for your bag. Leather and colour restoration can cover scuffs, scratches and marks. Edging will be re-applied if it is part of the original design of your bag. Edging seals the raw edges of leather and helps protect and strengthen. The colour for edging and restoration is hand mixed and matched to the bag so the visibility of the restoration is as minimal as possible.

Please note this is not a full restoration and is not recommended for products of all materials for full details and Terms & Conditions click here.


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