Before You Wear Your New Shoes

Don’t take another step! Make sure your shiny new shoes are well prepared before you christen them with their first night on the town. An important part of looking after your shoes is ensuring they are protected from the beginning. We developed a range of pre-wear services to give your items durability, longevity and the best start to life. Get in touch to book your collection.

From weatherproofing to breaking in, find out some of the pre-wear services we can offer your favourite new pair of shoes.

1. Shoe stretching

The breaking in process is always the worst part of getting new shoes. Avoid blisters and cuts by sending your shoes to us to be stretched.

Shoes can be stretched in any or all directions and is designed to expedite the stretching that you foot would normally do through wear. Metal feet are placed inside your shoes and gradually expanded over 48-72 hours. To prevent damage to the stitching or structure, this cannot be rushed or over-stretched. We are able to stretch the toe area, across the top and even boot legs.

Stretching shoes pre-wear service
Stretching shoes

2. Weatherproofing

Before you lose another pair of suede loafers to a flash rainstorm, send us your new suede or nubuck shoes for weatherproofing treatment. This gives extra protection against the elements and maintains cleanliness. We can also apply our weatherproofing solution to suede or nubuck bags, belts or coats.

Suede waterproof treatment pre-wear services
Adding waterproofing treatment to suede Tod’s espadrilles

3. Rubber protective sole

It’s likely that your new shoes have a beautifully soft and smooth leather sole. Adding a rubber protective sole on top of this not only protects the leather sole, but also provides grip so isn’t slippy when you walk.

Our rubber soles are only 1mm in thickness and are applied to be flush with the rest of the sole. We use a colour closest to the colour of the outer edge of the original sole.

Rubber protective sole
Rubber protective sole

4. Reimagining

Do you have a pair of brand new shoes in your closet that, for some reason, are never chosen to come out? Don’t give up on them yet! Get in touch to see how we can transform your neglected shoes to your most cherished item.

You could monogram the toes of ballerinas? Or add beading to the top edge of a pair of boots? Perhaps simply changing the colour of the laces would make you see them in a different light?

Or maybe, like Amy Bannerman, you’re happy to buy second-hand with a bigger dream in mind. Watch the white to black transformation of Amy’s Chloe boots here.

Refashioning a pair of shoes pre-wear service
Reimagine a pair of white loafer heels

Now that your shoes are perfectly equipped to face the outdoors, you may want to learn some ways to care for them. Follow our guide on how to care for your items at home, or learn some ways you can restore your trainers. Get in touch for a preliminary quote or to book your collection.