Mend My Manolos

In the launch of our first brand partnership, we are excited to power Manolo Blahnik’s new aftercare service, Mend My Manolos. You can now confidently invest in a beautiful pair of shoes knowing that as they wear over time, we provide the trusted service to bring them back to life. From reheels and toe pieces to dyeing and restoration, return your well-loved Manolos to their best and make sure they stay in your wardrobe for longer. Learn some of our favourite services for your Manolos.

Explore My My Manolos to book your collection or find your closest drop point.

1. Protective soles

The perfect service for your brand new investment shoes, protective soles provide a non-slip, waterproof surface and increase longevity. They are very thin rubber soles which are more hard wearing than leather soles, and are cheaper to replace when they do wear down.

Protective soles are £35, learn more here.

2. Dyeing

Dyeing satin shoes is the perfect service to give your favourite satin shoes new life. We have a range of 20 colours to dye your shoes to, or you can Whether you want to reimagine your wedding shoes or conceal stains in a pair of old favourites, we make sure your satin shoes stay in your wardrobe for longer.

Dyeing satin shoes is £240, learn more here.

3. Heel recover

Whether satin, suede, leather or fabric, scuffed shoes deserve to be repaired. When shoes are scuffed at the heel, we remove the leather that covers the heel and replace with a fresh cut of material to matches the original. Although this only targets heel damage, it goes a long way in reviving the look of the whole shoe.

Heel recover is available on stiletto, block and wedge heels, learn more here.

4. Clean

Are your favourite Manolos starting to look a little tired? Sometimes all that’s needed to revive their appearance is a special clean. For suede, satin or leather, we have the techniques and formulas to remove dirt and bring shoes back to life. We clean the interior and exterior using different solutions tailored to each material and surface.

Shoe cleaning is £55, learn more here.

5. Toe piece

If you are always wearing your soles at the toe faster than the rest of the sole, a toe piece is the perfect solution. Rather than resoling the whole front half of the shoe, a toe piece is a mini resole but only at the shoe’s tip. We do toe pieces in a like-for-like material, texture and colour to match the original sole.

A toe piece is £30.

From wear and tear to size adjustments, we make sure your favourite items stay your favourites. Get a preliminary quote or book a collection to repair your wardrobe at the click of a button.

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