We use DHL to collect items from all over the UK, this is £10. We have the option for a day courier two-hour collection window within select London postcodes, this is £17. These one-off shipping fees cover collections and returns. You can book your collection here.

When your items are ready to be returned, you will be sent an email to choose a preferred date to have your items returned.

Courier Collections

Send your items in a sturdy box and take care it is sufficiently padded and sealed. Please check your bags for valuables prior to packing and keep your dust bags and branded boxes at home. Read our packaging guidelines here.

For DHL collections, you will be emailed shipping labels to print and attach to your package. If you don’t have a printer, we will post your labels to you. Please note that we may need to reschedule your collection to accommodate postal delivery times. The DHL collection window is between 9am and 7pm.

For London two-hour-window collections, you do not need a shipping label. Please ensure your name and details are attached to the outside packaging or are on a note inside.

When your items are ready to be returned, you will be sent a link to choose a preferred return date.

Receipt of confirmation

When your items arrive in our atelier we will send a confirmation of receipt so that you know they arrived safely. This will be an email with photographs of your items.

Your items will then be put through a physical assessment process where we will reconcile what you’ve asked us to do and what we think is needed. We will revert by email with a quote detailing our approach, cost and turnaround expectations. In the email you can accept, query or decline any part of the quote.


Your items are tracked and confirmed at each stage of their journey. However, if the worse were to happen, we have appropriate goods in transit insurance in place.

While we have insurance in place, The Restory are not responsible for packages that may be lost or damaged in transit. Please inform us if you would like to take out necessary insurance on high value items which you chose to send in.