Louis Vuitton Cannes Beauty Case

The Louis Vuitton Cannes beauty case, seen here in Castilian Red, was first designed in 1994. This design has since been discontinued, making it even more of a desirable piece to have for your own. It has been created using luxurious Epi leather and its box construction includes stamped monogram leather with Alcantara lining. With such a beautiful and coveted piece we felt we needed to capture and show the journey of the restoration.

The Task

The case itself arrived to the studio in superb condition, it’s fault being that one side of the top handle was broken and had completely detached from the fitting. After careful inspection, the atelier team discovered that the outside leather had been torn and the reinforcement broken. The solution was to completely rebuild a new handle to guarantee the bag’s durability.

The Process

In order to create an identical handle to the original, our atelier needed to unstitch the previous handle and remove the interior inlay that gives the handle it’s unique shape. The inlay for this bag was in still in impeccable condition, which meant it could be reused in the new handle.

The atelier were able to source a perfect colour and leather match to the original. For the interior, a reinforcement material made from recycled leather was used to give support to the handle and improve its longevity. A set of patterns was created following the measurements of the original piece so that the handle could start being cut and then assembled accordingly.

Due to the Cannes bag having a reinforced lid, it was best to manually stitch the handle after attaching it to the bag as oppose to removing the whole inside structure. For the final touches, using a saddle stitch technique the atelier was able to create stitches that are perfectly slanted and suited to the bag’s original design which in turn are also stronger than a machine stitch.

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