Lockdown Love

Did you master sourdough in the first lockdown? Have you already tie-dyed your entire wardrobe? Would you rather not endure another Zoom quiz? Having exhausted every lockdown activity, it can feel hard to know what to do with yourself over the next four weeks. We’re viewing lockdown as a chance to take some time out from the stress of 2020. We’ve gathered advice from some of our friends to see lockdown 2.0 as an opportunity to give you and your wardrobe some love over the next four weeks.

Make the most of your time at home with suggestions and recommendations from us and some of our friends.

1. The Restory

We may not be able to leave our homes now, but we can spend this time ensuring that our shoes, handbags and wardrobes are in the best condition for when lockdown is lifted. The Restory is at hand for all of your aftercare needs as our atelier continues to operate throughout lockdown with safety measures in place.

If you feel like getting your hands dirty, learn more about how to look after your items at home. Read our guide on cleaning your trainers, or how best to care for your suede bag.

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2. Creative Wardrobe

“Another lockdown means another chance to transform our wardrobes with some Creative Wardrobe mindfulness. Spend a moment with each piece in your wardrobe, asking yourself if the item is still serving you or if it’s time to let it go and pass it on for someone else to enjoy. You can use the Creative Wardrobe action cards to help you structure your wardrobe cleanse:  LOVE, SELL, RENT, SWAP, DONATE, FIX, STORE, RECYCLE, THINK, RESTYLE. 

My top tips are to play your favourite music and crank up those feel good vibes and to have fun with a RESTYLE session towards the end of your cleanse, photographing any fun new outfits you come up with!”

Learn more over at creativewardrobe.co.uk

3. Jasmine Hemsley

Jasmine Hemsley Sound bath - lockdown love
Restore you balance with Jasmine Hemsley’s soundbaths

“If there was ever a practice that could help you in every area of your life, from the physical and the mental to the spiritual and emotional to the creative and the intellectual, I would say it’s meditation. There are a variety of meditative practices that you can incorporate (even for those who can’t imagine “switching off”!) such as sound baths – using the tones of singing bowls to help you to relax and reconnect by literally ‘bathing’ yourself in the sound.

I’ve been hosting sound baths, using crystal alchemy singing bowls, for the past few years – it’s an opportunity to focus and slow down the mind to become mindful of the present moment. It’s a practice that I find immensely helpful to keep the balance and be more proactive than reactive, while also going with the flow of what life throws at me. It makes me more efficient and decisive and less scared to change course when I need to.

If you’re new to meditation and want to find a place to start, take a look at my newly launched downloadable sound baths.”

3. Tart London

Tart London delivery - Lockdown Love
Discover your inner chef with Tart London

If the first lockdown gave you the chance to discover your inner chef, relish in this time to improve your skills this time round. Sourdough may now seem easy compared to soufflé…

Eating with the seasons, buying locally and reducing food waste are all central to Tart‘s ethos. Follow their philosophy to nourish yourself with wholesome and flavoursome food this lockdown. If you’re taking advantage of the extra time at home to explore your local vegetable market, head to their recipes to work out what on earth you’re going to do with that artichoke or sorrell you just picked up.

If the kitchen is not your happy place, you can breathe a sigh of relief as Tart are now delivering. Shop online for freshly prepared meals, groceries, a gift hamper, homeware; all available for delivery via Deliveroo.

5. EYM Naturals

EYM Candles - Lockdown Love
Take a moment to relax with EYM

Lockdown is a stressful time for myriad reasons. While some have thrived organising their pantries or running their fastest 5K, if you need to lie horizontally to get through this that is okay too. EYM Naturals aim to enrich people’s lives naturally through the power of scent. They focus on aromatherapy to release negative emotions and enhance feelings of relaxation. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, light a candle and lie back.

“Eym is more than just another nice fragrance brand. Its aromatherapy blends have a positive therapeutic effect on emotional wellbeing, so whether you want to focus on sleep, relaxation, restoration or meditation, Eym has got you covered.”

Discover EYM’s range of candles and diffusers here.

Lockdown can be a testing period, but we’ve got you covered with a little lockdown love.

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