Jimmy Choo Hole Restoration

Born into a family of shoemakers, Jimmy Choo – like us – knows the importance of a well-made shoe. Choo made his first pair of shoes aged 11 before establishing his name in East London in the 1990s, catering to the likes of Diana, Princess of Wales and Carrie Bradshaw.

The iconic British fashion house is a regular passing through the doors of our atelier. Be it the classic court, a strappy sandal or some trendy trainers, our atelier has the answer to care for your favourite pair of Choos. 

The Assessment

This pair of cream snakeskin Jimmy Choo espadrille-style trainers are a summer staple. After having enjoyed wearing them over the summer, the end of the season is the perfect time to complete repairs – that way, they’re ready for the sun again next year!

Our artisans assessed them and determined that colour and leather restoration was needed to cover stains on the right shoe and burn hole on the left shoe. It is common to puncture holes in the toes of your favourite shoes, and an issue we are well versed in resolving.

Snakeskin, as with most exotics, can be incredibly delicate and requires professional attention. Learn more about exotic skins in our guide. Regular care ensures you will get the most out of your item and prolong its life. We have developed special techniques for working with exotics according to their specific nature. Read our snakeskin Prada handbag case study to learn some of the ways we can you look after your exotic items.

The Approach

Before restoration could begin, the scales on the shoes had to be cleaned with damp cotton buds to ensure a fresh and smooth surface to apply the restoration paint.

The first step in the restoration process was to fill the burn hole: leather filler was built up in layers, using a tiny spatula, until it reached the correct height and joined the existing leather.

Scale shapes were carved with a needle-point to mimic the texture of snakeskin and ensure the filled area blends in with the rest of the shoe.

With the shoe cleaned and the hole filled, the shoe was ready for restoration paint to be applied. Our artisans hand-mixed two colours using a recipe specifically designed to match the different tones of leather – one for the scales, and one for the darker leather.

Each scale was painted individually with a soft brush to respect the delicate nature of the snakeskin.

The Results

Following our restoration, these cute Jimmy Choo trainers were repaired and ready to take on another summer!

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Exotic items often require extra care and attention. For a bespoke quote, complete our preliminary quote form. Send us your items for repair by booking a collection.

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