How to Spend Your Revival Package

“Gift consciously this year by lovingly restoring one of their most-worn garments,” suggests The Independent. Rather than buying new, allow your loved ones to fall in love with their favourites again by gifting one of our shoe or bag revival packages.

Our revival packages entitle the lucky recipient to have their trusty but tired favourites revived by our atelier, making them fit to see another year. For shoes, this includes a toe piece, reheel, new laces, special clean and leather and colour restoration. For bags, this includes a special clean, recondition, and leather and colour restoration. Learn more about how our revival packages can breathe new life into your favourite item.

1. Restoring Scuffed Ballerinas

Trusty and classic, ballet shoes are a timeless piece that will never go out of style. Rather than repurchasing, why not restore your current pair? Our shoe revival package gives your shoe the works: a toe piece, which is a mini resole at the toe, the area that experiences most wear; a reheel, replacing the worn heel; a special clean, using formulas, tools and solutions specifically developed for each different area of the shoe; and colour and leather restoration, involving in-house developed techniques for reviving scuffed or worn leather.

2. Reviving Worn Leather

As well as a special clean and condition, our bag revival package entitles you to the broad range of techniques and capabilities within our restoration team. This is perfect for reviving worn leather that has scuffed and faded over time.

3. Repairing Torn Heels

Our shoe revival package ensures your shoes will be restored back to their former glory, giving them a toe piece, reheel, special clean and restoration. After having a revival, your favourite pair of heels will be ready to hit the dance floor once again. Our expert restoration team use leather fillers and hand match the perfect colour to restore scuffed and torn heels.

4. Re-edging Old Bags

As well as a special clean and condition, our bag revival package entitles your bag to colour and leather restoration. Edge coat is the thin application of thick acrylic or wax paint that runs along leather edges or joins, often seen on handles. Over time, edge coat can become dry or cracked, which in turn weakens the structure of bags. Re-edging, where we sand off old edge coat and reapply it, not only strengthens your bag for future wear but also revives and neatens appearance.

5. Reviving Trusty Brogues

There’s no need to replace your favourite shoes this year. With a toe piece, replacement heel, new laces, special cleaning and restoration, these trusty brogues are repaired and restored, ready to see you through another year.

Email or Whatsapp our team to learn more about revival packages and to find out how to get the most out of your revival package. Find out more about our restoration services with our case studies, or find out other gift ideas in our gift guide. For further gifting with The Restory, explore our gift vouchers.

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