Heels And All Their Possibilities

Rather than throwing away your tired favourites, our #FixYourFall series encourages you to make the most of your existing wardrobe by learning about the best ways to care for your items.

Approximately 300 million pairs of shoes are thrown away every year in the UK alone. Rather than dismantling and recycling some 70 unique fixtures and fittings, the majority of our thrown shoes are added to landfill where they can take up to 50 years to decompose. 

But have no fear, our specialist cobblers are well versed in the art of shoe repair to save your favourites, just book a collection! As you evaluate your shoe collection in preparation for the new season ahead, consider the ways you can improve the longevity of your shoes by repairing them, rather than retiring them. 

1. A Broken Heel

Although a broken heel seems like game over, it’s no match for our atelier. When the heel itself snaps, we replace the whole piece. We source a replacement heel specifically for your shoe, re-cover it in a material to match the original, then attach to the upper – as good as new!

Broken heel
Fixing a broken heel

2. Reseating A Heel

You may need a re-seat if the heel stem has come away from the upper but has not snapped. This involves securing the attachment between the heel and the upper.  

Reseating heels
Reseating heels

3. Heel Recover

Gravel, drain grates or too much dancing can wreak ruin on your heels. If the material that covers the heel is scuffed, torn or stained, we specially source or dye material to match the original heel. We remove the heel from the shoe, take off the old covering material, replace it with the new material, and re-attach the heel with a shiny new heel tip. This service has a huge effect on reviving the look of your shoes.

Recovering heels
Recovering heels

4. Reheel

Replacing the heel tip at the end of a stiletto heel is a simple routine service. We remove your worn heel tip and replace with a like-for-like match. Depending on wear, this should be done seasonally.

Reheeling stilettos
Reheeling stilettos

If you have a favourite pair of designer shoes that you have bigger dreams for, check out our case study on re-imagining a beloved pair of Manolos. If it’s trainers or Birkenstocks you need to repair, follow our at-home care guides.

You can complete our preliminary quote form or book a collection to see what our atelier recommends for you.