Gucci: Repairing the Damage from the Disco

Gucci’s Soho Disco crossbody bag was launched in 2014. It is instantly recognisable with the signature ‘GG’ motif embroidered onto its soft grained Italian leather. Coming in a range of colours, it’s the perfect size to hold your everyday essentials. Therefore, it’s no surprise that your everyday handbag sees its fair share of wear and tear. We’re here to give it the love and professional care it needs, bringing it out of damage and into the disco. Learn how we can restore, revive and repair your favourite bags with this Gucci repair.

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Pre restoration

We physically assessed this bag to understand the extent of damage, and in turn decide how we could bring it back to life. The exterior corners had worn and were exposing plastic piping; there was colour transfer on the back; leather had faded and scuffed on the body; the edge coat had cracked along the strap; some tassels had split; and the lining was dirty. This is all to be expected from a much loved bag, and our atelier is equipped to target each issue.


Before any repair or restoration could take place, we fully cleaned the bag. This is necessary for all items that require restoration, as we require the surface to be as clean as possible. A leather cleaner was used to remove superficial dirt and grease. Special attention is paid to the lighter coloured lining as this colour is likely to attract dirt. This process is essential to see the deeper stains that we need to use other techniques to remove.

Cleaning the lining

After cleaning had been completed, we began the restoration process. We decided it would be best to remove and replace the exposed and broken piping at the corners. This would increase the longevity of the bag. The corners are naturally the first places to show wear and tear as the bag is picked up, put down and knocked so frequently. Our artisan replaced the plastic piping with leather cord as it is flexible and more durable. With this in place, a specialist leather filler was used to rebuild the layer that had worn down so much. With this drying, we used a flexible glue to hold the split tassels back together.

Replacing piping

We then addressed the cracked edging on the crossbody strap. Edge coat is a specialist paint which seals and protects raw leather edges. It is usually found along handles, straps and joins. Edging is important as it strengthens and supports the strap which is subject to lots of use. Cracked edge coat must be sanded away to create an even flat surface for the new edge coat. Then, new edge coat is mixed and applied evenly along the length using a rolling tool.

The final stage was reviving the colour. Specialist leather pigment was hand mixed and matched to the most preserved original colour of the bag. We apply colour in thin layers, avoiding lines of stitching and preserving the grain texture. We apply a finisher to seal and protect the newly coloured leather. The level of shine in the finisher is adjusted to match that of the original bag.


With the exposed corners, dirty lining, split tassels, cracked edges, and worn colour restored, this Gucci repair ensures the bag is ready to return to the Soho Disco.

When your favourite item is experiences everyday use, wear and tear will naturally occur. And, when an item is so loved, it deserves to be repaired. What Gucci repair do you need?

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