Celebrating Earth Day 2022

Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April every year. The theme this year is Invest in Our Planet, encouraging businesses and individuals to get involved in addressing climate change.

We know the significance of investing in what is important to you. Whether it’s emotional or financial, every item we receive has been invested in. To celebrate Earth Day this year, our team share their favourite items and why they’re invested in them.

“My favourite items are the ones that other people give me because I’m reminded of the person each time I wear them. I love the cut and pattern on this Valentino coat, and I love wearing it in the sun on the first days of Spring”

Arleen is our Processing Manager

“This is my favourite item because of the material combination of cork and heavy veg tan leather. The cork isvery sustainable, it’s grown in Portugal and from trees that are only harvested every seven years to give them time to grow. I love it because it took me so long to make, it’s a real labour of love”

Jess is our Stitching Artisan

“I bought this coat second-hand in the late 2000’s, when The Restory was a just a seed in my head. I loved the peacoat vibe and the colour. It saw me through 2 pregnancies, and recently The Restory took in the shell and the lining and moved some buttons to get it to lay better and make the collar pop. It’s a great example of how something that cost less than £50 can have such high functional and scarcity value.”

Vanessa is our Founder and CEO

“I bought this pair of jeans second-hand on eBay 11 years ago and I’m still wearing them now! They have accumulated lots of wear and tear along the way, but I’ll continue to mend and patch them because a great fitting pair of jeans is a very rare gem!”

Megan is our Stitching Artisan

“My favourite item is this scarf. My mother gave it to me as a gift around ten years ago, and I absolutely love it.”

Evrim is our Atelier Operations Manager and Leather Engineer

“My favourite item is my Barbour jacket. I have had it for years, it has been patched and rewaxed over the years and looks better the older it gets.”

Rich is our Head of Finance

Learn more ways you can help restore our earth and celebrate Earth Day on 22nd April.

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