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Cleaning and pressing for fabric bottoms such as trousers, jeans, shorts, joggers. Service will include ozone treatment for odour, pest, bacteria and virus removal. 

– £28


Zipper Replacement

Replace zipper. We will source a closest match to the original.

– £40

Patch Inner Thigh

Use similar fabric to create an even shaped patch where torn or ripped. Please note that if sourcing is required, the material will be charged separately.

– Starting at £50

Repair Seam

Repair a single seam that is coming apart or loose. Tears or damage to the fabric will require an additional service. 

– £12

Patch Tear in Denim

A denim patch is placed on the inside of the rip or tear, and zig zag or straight stitches are sewn on following the grain of the weave.

– Starting at £35


A fallen button shouldn’t let you get in the way of loving your favourite clothes. We securely reattach buttons using a matching thread. Sourcing fees may apply.

– £2 per button

Learn more about reattaching buttons


Shorten Hem

Shorten hem with a turn up, tape, zipper or original finish (perfect for jeans). You can pin or provide your measurements. Because everything looks better when it fits.

– Starting at £25

Learn more about hemming trousers

Lengthen Hem

Increase the length with existing seam allowance or add new lining material to recreate seam allowance.

– Starting at £30

Add or remove belt loops or side adjusters

A close match to the fabric is sourced to create the belt loops or the side adjusters. Hardware will be sourced for the side adjusters at an extra cost.  

– £40

Remove and Close Pocket

Remove the pocket and close the opening on trousers. Hip and waist measurements are required to complete.

– £35

Add Brace Buttons

Add buttons to trousers to attach braces. Place a safety pin to mark where the buttons should be attached.

– £30

Add Fork piece 

Fit and sew a piece of lining fabric inside the groin area over the existing seam of trousers. This reinforcement increases the life span of the garment.

– £30

A fitting is not required for simple alterations. Please follow our guides on how to accurately measure your clothing and measure your body.


Lower waist band

Lower the waist band by removing the existing waist band, loops, zipper and pockets and restitching into place at desired level. Fitting recommended, or you can pin or provide your measurements.

– £65

Taper legs

Take in trousers or jeans at the side of the leg from waist, hips or knee to hem. A fitting is recommended but you can pin or provide your measurements. 

£35 – £50

Take in or let out waist

Take in or let out waist or hips or seat. A fitting is recommended but you can pin or provide your measurements.

– £35 – £45

We recommend fittings for bespoke alterations. Fittings are £65 per hour, additional travel costs may apply.

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