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Knits and wovens 

Cleaning garments such as cardigans, jumpers and knitted trousers. Service will include ozone treatment for odour, pest, bacteria and virus removal. 

– £18


Woven items naturally bobble and pill with time and wear. We carefully remove bobbles by cutting them, not pulling. This simple service revives beloved knitwear.

– £15

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Mending of small  holes and moth holes where the finishing will not be completely invisible. If holes are too big, darning will not be possible and a different solution will be recommended.

– £20 per hole

Learn more about darning

Invisible Mending

To mend holes, individual strands of yarn are taken from hidden parts of the garment and are carefully re-woven by hand. For some holes, it may not be possible to make the mend completely invisible. Prices vary depending on size of hole. 

– Starting at £60 per hole

Visible Mending 

The holes and rips are mended by creating a woven patterned design on top of the problem area. Prices vary depending on size of hole.

Starting at £25 per hole

Learn more about visible mending

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