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Cleaning and steaming for fabric dresses; casual, cocktail or evening and jumpsuits. Service will include ozone treatment for odour, pest, bacteria and virus removal. 



Repair Seam

Repair a single seam that is coming apart or loose. Tears or damage will require an additional service. 

– £12


A fallen button shouldn’t let you get in the way of loving your favourite clothes. We securely reattach buttons using a matching thread. Sourcing fees may apply.

– £2 per button

Learn more about reattaching buttons

Zip Replacement

Source and replace zipper. We will source as close a match as possible to the original. There may be an additional £35 sourcing fee for decorative zips.  

– £35 – £85


Replace the lining within the skirt or dress. We will source as close a match as possible to the original. Please note that there will be an additional charge for sourcing the material. 

– £80

Repair Lining

We can stitch or patch any tears or holes in the lining. Please be aware this mend will be visible. If your lining is beyond repair, please see the ‘reline’ service.

– Starting at £30


Shorten length from hem 

Shorten the length of the garment from the hem. Includes plain, with a vent or slit, with pleating or other detailing. You can pin or provide your measurements. 

– £45 – £65

Lengthen from Hem

Increase the length with existing seam allowance or add new lining material to recreate seam allowance.

– £60

Shorten Sleeves 

Shorten from the cuff and move vent if required. Fold and pin with a safety pin or place a safety pin as a marker for the length required. 

– £35 to shorten from cuff
– £50 to shorten from shoulder

A fitting is not required for simple alterations. Please follow our guides on how to accurately measure your clothing and measure your body.


Take in or narrow shoulders  

Taking in or narrowing shoulders to desired width and design.

– £40 – £75

Shorten Length from waist   

Shorten the length of the garment from the waist.

– £75

Shorten straps or lift Shoulders

Shortening straps or lifting shoulders to raise neckline and bodice. This will affect the length.

– £25 – £40

Take in or Let out Side or centre seam

Take in or let out bust, waist or hips with or without zipper.

– £45 – £70

Reshape Neck line 

Lower, widen or redesign the neckline.

– £50

We recommend fittings for bespoke alterations. Fittings are £65 per hour, additional travel costs may apply.

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