Case Studies

Louis Vuitton Neverfull

When this Louis Vuitton Neverfull came into our atelier, we could see the binding was so damaged and worn down it needed replacing. Follow our artisan team in creating, dyeing and stitching new binding, giving this bag a whole new lease of life.

A Timberland Special Clean

A special clean can be quite a transformation. Boots and shoes collect dirt and dust which builds up, handbags discolour particularly on straps where theres an accumulation of the natural oils in our skin or hand creams and can be make-up. There are times we can assess an item and see all it needs is a special clean. See the process of this on these where we explain our dry and wet clean methods and how to bring back the nap and texture.

Alexander McQueen Pom Flower Heels

Follow the process of these Alexander McQueen shoes which came in missing one of the flower appliqués. Our team had to remove the other flower and use it to create a pattern, source the exact match of red suede and then build the flower in line with the design. We then re-attched both flowers and had them back to new!

Restoring Givenchy Antigona

This Givenchy Antigona was brought to our atelier after the client had taken it elsewhere to be restored and was unhappy with the result. The colour was a completely different tone to the original and to make matters worse it had peeled off in large areas on the handle. Our team worked hard to remove all the products used and strip it back to the raw leather to restore it back to the original look and feel as Givenchy intended it to be.

Louis Vuitton Cannes Beauty Case

This Louis Vuitton Cannes Beauty Case came into our atelier with a broken handle. Following the assessment and the extent of the damage the atelier team set to work to rebuild new handles. From sourcing the exact leather to creating the patterns for the handles, follow the journey of this coveted piece.

Restoring Irina Lakicevic’s Céline Bag

We can’t help feeling nostalgic about Céline and it seems MINT Journal editor Irina Lakicevic shares our sentiments. Taking into account the characteristics of vegetable tanned leather; The Restory artisans set out to breathe new life into her very first Céline, the Tie Tote bag. We let the results speak for themselves.

Reviving Vintage Gucci

Transcending seasons, Gucci is continuously on top of the accessories game. So when we received several vintage Gucci designs, it was unanimously agreed it would make the ultimate case study to take these under the loop together. Read on to see how we revived some of this season’s hottest accessories.

Refashioning The Summer Basket

A simple summer basket can be transformed into a bucket bag, a tropical tote or in this case even a backpack. The beauty of our bespoke services is that any design idea can become a reality. Be inspired by the transformation of a wicker tote into an all round classic piece. 

Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Pumps

Follow the journey of a pair of Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pumps from Ivory silk satin to Gunmetal Grey, courtesy of The Restory colour experts; how a happy coincidence turned out to be the perfect shade. 

Vintage Hermès Kelly

It’s impossible not to get excited whenever we receive a Hermès Kelly at our atelier and this time we had the chance to restore a beautiful heirloom piece that could use a bit of The Restory magic. 

Louboutin Snakeskin Pumps

Highlighting another regular at our atelier, we recently restored the Christian Louboutin New Declic python pumps. See the intricate procedure of restoring exotic leathers. 

Chanel Ballet Flats

The Chanel flats are a fashion favourite and often worn until their very last breath. We decided it was high time to put the spotlight on this timeless classic.

Stingray Card Case

We recently had a request from a client who wanted to bring his very unique card case back to life. See how we revived this special piece partially made out of stingray leather.

Glittered Chelsea Boots

Our Head of Atelier reimagined her chelsea boots from burgundy to black with a touch of glitter. See the process and be inspired by the possibilities to reimagine your items. 

Saint Lauren Puppy Love

Our client came to us with little hope of repairing her new Saint Laurent bag that was chewed by her puppy. Our team worked closely with her to creatively repair the bag, adding its own unique addition. 

Vintage Fendi Briefcase

Fendi has been reviving its traditional logo fabric over the past seasons and this was the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at the remake of an iconic piece.

Reimagining Anya

This Anya Hindmarch originally came with a canvas strap. Our client was after an additional leather strap, an elegant long option to go with the design of the bag, see the process of designing and creating it.

Re-Colouring A Chanel

When our client wanted to update her white Chanel to be black, preparation and care treating the leather was key. The Atelier team worked hard on the detail to revive & re-colour this bag. 

Vintage Suitcase

This suitcase was the ultimate embodiment of a piece with history and most likely one with many stories. Constructed in stainless steel, the case arrived bent and unable to fully close, our team fixed it up whilst keeping its vintage look.

Mulberry Jacket

When we can’t find a solution, we make our own. When this Mulberry Jacket was missing one of its unique floral clasps, our Atelier Team created and replaced a leather piece in line with the original design.